Château de Kériolet

Keriolet Castle is a neo-gothic castle located on the French town of Concarneau in Brittany. This private residence was recorded for Monument by order of 21 December 1984 for facades and roofs, the guard room with its fireplace and stained glass. In the late 1850s, under the Second Empire, Charles Chauveau meets Russian princess Zinaida Yusupov, Narishkin born in Paris. Zinaida Yusupov became princess by marrying late Prince Boris (1794-1849). Princess Zinaida is more than twenty-five years older than Charles Chauveau, and widow. She falls in love with him, buys two noble titles (Earl of Chauveau and Marquis de Serres), wife Sept. 3, 1860.

The new social position of the count then allows him to aspire to a political career. A general council seat becomes available in Concarneau, South Finistere. To stand for election, the young candidate must acquire a residence in the constituency he is courting. He therefore sought a property, was elected in 1860 and personally bought in 1862, the field Keriolet in Beuzec-Conq (the town will be attached to Concarneau in 1945). Dating back to the fifteenth century, mansion, building relatively small, former property of Kéryollet, the Tredern, the Kersalaun is surrounded by nearly fifty acres of land. The location, near the ocean and the Moros, seduced the princess. With his fortune, it will allow her husband to turn the place at will. It will cost the sum of 1, 5 million gold francs. The manor Moros, and former nearby field owned by Abraham Duquesne, is also bought and remodeled by the couple, in proportions far more modest than Keriolet.

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