Sain cruise in mediterranee

You dream of meeting dolphins and whales, of sharing their world, even if only for a moment, of freezing
this memory forever in your mind.
Just imagine! You are on a boat, a world opens up under your feet. You are on the deep blue, looking for
a glimpse of one of these large cetaceans that we talk about so much but that we rarely see from the




Accommodation nearby

60 € From
le-panier marseille

Le Panier

  • Marseille
  • 01 4 2 51 5 9 44
60 € From
palais-longchamp-marseille marseille

Palais Longchamp Marseille

  • Marseille
  • 01 42 51 59 44
70 € From
au-cabanon-de-malmousque marseille

Au Cabanon de Malmousque

  • Marseille
  • 01 42 51 59 44

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Marseille is the second most populated city in France following Paris, located on the south east of France at the seaside of the Mediterranean, Marseille is the biggest port in France as well as being the administrative ...