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from 02 April to 31 December

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Marseille is the second most populated city in France following Paris, located on the south east of ...

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Tour to explore Marseille

Marseille has been designated European Capital of Culture in 2013. During a weekend, we invite you to discover Marseille.

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In the footsteps of Marcel Pagnol

For 4 days, you will discover beautiful coves of the Mediterranean and the story of Marcel Pagnol. You also enjoy the calm and greenery.

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Around Aix en Provence and Marseille

Discover the charms of nearby Aix en Provence and Marseille

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Marseilles, City of Art and History

Marseilles, City of Art and History, since 1991, has plenty of wonderful things to share with you.

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Les activités communiquées sur cette page se trouvent dans un rayon de 30km autour de Marseille