Cinema Paris 8eme

Gaumont Champs-Elysées - Ambassade

gaumont-champs-elysees-ambassade paris-8eme Number of screens : 7 Number of seats : 1564

Gaumont Champs-Elysées - Marignan

gaumont-champs-elysees-marignan paris-8eme Number of screens : 6 Number of seats : 1802

UGC Normandie

ugc-normandie paris-8eme Number of screens : 4 Number of seats : 1610

Elysees Biarritz

elysees-biarritz paris-8eme Number of screens : 1

Le Balzac

le-balzac paris-8eme Number of screens : 3 Number of seats : 647

UGC George V

ugc-george-v paris-8eme Number of screens : 11 Number of seats : 1666

Publicis Cinémas

publicis-cinemas paris-8eme Number of screens : 2 Number of seats : 600

Saint-Lazare Pasquier

saint-lazare-pasquier paris-8eme Number of screens : 3 Number of seats : 331

Elysées Lincoln

elysees-lincoln paris-8eme Number of screens : 3 Number of seats : 366

Cinema near

les-cinq-caumartin paris-9eme

Les Cinq Caumartin

Paris 9eme
paris-story paris-9eme


Paris 9eme
pathe-wepler paris-18eme

Pathé Wepler

Paris 18eme
le-cinema-des-cineastes paris-17eme

Le Cinéma des Cinéastes

Paris 17eme
gaumont-opera paris-9eme

Gaumont Opéra

Paris 9eme
ugc-opera paris-9eme

UGC Opéra

Paris 9eme

Tourism Paris 8eme


The 8th arrondissement is located on the right bank of the Seine. It is a very popular tourist ...

Tourist trip

A tour to visit Paris

Paris is a city of great beauty that has many monuments like the Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame de Paris. It is in this "City of Light" that you will spend six days. You can ...

day-on-the-island one-day-two-museums from-arc-to-the-iron-lady

Advice for a long hike

If you go for hike go to

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Guided tours of Paris

What better way to discover Paris than to be accompanied by a guide! Discover our routes for nothing missed in the capital.

paris-montmartre-tour journey-notre-dame parcours-paris-tour

A stroll from the hotel....

The Eiffel tower is at 5 minutes by walk from the hotel. Then, you can have a walk to the Invalides (and Napoléon's tumb) and the Latin Quarter (st Michel, St ...


Festivals and events


The crossing, expo. of k. ...

from 23 October to 12 November
Paris 8eme

Escape game in montmartre

from 16 February to 28 December
Paris 18eme

Activities provided on this page can be found within a radius of 30km around Paris 8eme