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Mayotte is an island and a French department located in the Indian Ocean and which possesses a very varied coastline that doesn’t offer as many sandy beaches compared to the neighbouring islands such as Comore, Moheli, Seychelles, Mauritius and Madagascar. Its lagoon however, offers the opportunity to see whales and their cubs, dolphins and green turtles that come to lay their eggs on the deserted beaches.

The main city is Mamoudzou.

Several marked footpaths make hiking possible such as the path to the volcano in Petite Terre, the Mount Combani path and the Maison du gouverneur path.

Scuba diving among tropical fishes is located on the S pass and in Saziley, swimming and exploring the white sandy beaches of the small islands in the nort and in the south.

Few museums are notable such as the ecomuseum in Bandrélé and the ‘Maison de l’artisanat’ in Sada.

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Tourism Mamoudzou

Mamoudzou is located in the county of Mayotte which is also the economic capital. Sights district expatriates

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