Tourism - Moselle

Moselle is a French department that is part of the Lorraine Region. It is surrounded by the departments of Meurthe-et-Moselle and Bas-Rhin as well as Germany and Luxembourg. Its mains cities are Metz, Forbach, Sarreguemines, Saint-Avold, Creutzwald, Hayange and Hagondange.

The forested border of Moselle depend on the iron ore industry compared to the Saulnois in the south of the department that relies on the salt fields industry. Moselle possesses a rich historical heritage with the Bitche Citadel, the Malbrouck castle, the Metz cathedral Rodemack in Thionville and the Marignot line.

Main cultural events are: the Mir Redde Plattt festival in Sarreguemines and the Scene au Bar, moving from bars to bars from the Valley of Fensch to Thionville.

Top tourist cities in Moselle


Tourism Metz

Metz is a city in the northeast of France, capital of the Lorraine region and the Moselle department that borders Luxembourg and Germany. Metz is very unique due to its German heritage as well as its beautiful old town made of local yellow limestone. Sigths Chapel ...

Must : Chapelle des Templiers, Musée de La Cour d'Or


Tourism Forbach

Forbach it's today with its 23000 inhabitants a commercial pole and services, one of the main cities of the department of the Moselle. By its privileged geographical location, near Sarrebruck, in the middle of transborder area, Forbach is a crossroads impossible to ...


Tourism Sarreguemines

Nested in the heart of two green valleys, situated in Lorraine on the French-German border, the pretty city of Sarreguemines and its neighbourhood are sources of curiosities for the visitors in search of authenticity. Sigths Sarreguemines Museum of Faience ...


Tourism Thionville

Birth of Thionville to the Kingdom of Thionville France appears for the first time into 753 in a chronicle reporting the passage of Pip-the-In short. Theodonis Villa takes row of palate and the Carolingian sovereigns hold great political and religious meetings to with ...