Tourism - Meuse

Meuse is a French department that is part of the Lorraine region. It is surrounded by the departments of Ardennes, Marne, Haute-Marne, Vosges and Meurthe-et-Moselle, as well as Belgium. The main cities are Bar-le-Duc, Commercy and Verdun.

Green tourism is popular in the Argonne forests, Woëvre Swamps as well as the historical heritage from WWI with Verdun and Douaumont.

Other remarkable sites are: the fortified castle of Vaucouleurs, the Avioth Basilica, Commercy Castle, Bar-le-Duc medieval part of the city, Madine Lake offering numerous water sports and activities, Montmédy citadel, fortified churches such as the one in Sepvigny. Marville city and the last and oldest doll factory of Petitcollin in Etain dating from 1860.

Top tourist cities in Meuse


Tourism Bar-Le-Duc

Bar-le-Duc town in eastern France is surrounded by forests and crossed by the River Ornain, served by lines of railway (Paris / Strasbourg - Paris / Metz) and the Canal de la Marne to Rhin. Bar-le-Duc is one of the most beautiful detours in France! The famous road ...

Must : Château des Ducs de Bar


Tourism Commercy

The town of Commercy, city of the madeleine, is that of the stays of entertainment of King Stanislas who left him a remarkable inheritance XVIIIe S. One can visit also there the museum of ceramics and ivories. Sigths Castel of Commercy The priory of Breuil ...


Tourism Verdun

Verdun is located in the department of the Meuse and the Lorraine region. We found the human precense in the region there are 300 000 to 400 000 years. This city is famous for the Battle of Verdun, a major of the First World War. Between February 21 and December ...

Must : Abbaye Saint-Paul, Musée de la Princerie

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