Tourism Lit-et-mixe

Lit-et-Mixe is situated in the department of the Landes and the region Aquitaine. Lit-et-Mixe welcomes you, between of landes forest and long beaches of sand. Lit-et-Mixe invites you to discover his town, grouping together the commerces of a current city, his beach of "Cap de l'Homy", its pedestrian walks and its tracks of VTT. To come to Lit-et-Mixe, is discover an authentic and modern town, cultivating his art to live and the quality of its services.


  1. Church
  2. Museum of vieilles Landes
  3. Fountain of Yons
  4. Gemmage
  5. Forest of Landes


Our village and its inhabitants are welcoming you. The village also offers peace and quiet as well as numerous activities available in the countryside or by the Ocean, in the forests or by the rivers.

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Journée nature

  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Leon
  • Durée : 1 jour

Lake of Leon and the current of Huchet which connects to the ocean are classified as "nature reserves". Enjoy the walk with the boatmen of the lake to the ocean, 4 hours in a unique nature.


The Towns and villages in the Landes department

  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Mimizan
  • Durée : 1 jour

Discover the main towns in the Landes as well as its heritage..



Located in the south of the Landes department, Messanges offers a warm hospitality in a exceptional environment as well as 3,400 ha of forest.

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homair-vacances-le-soleil-des-landes lit-et-mixe

Homair Vacances Le Soleil des Landes

  • Lit-et-mixe
  • 08 20 20 12 07
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Camping les Vignes

  • Lit-et-mixe
  • 03 89 77 31 08
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vacances-camping-les-vignes lit-et-mixe

Vacances camping Les Vignes

  • Lit-et-mixe
  • 02 44 71 86 20
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Vacances camping Sen Yan

  • Mezos
  • 02 4 4 71 8 6 20
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gites-et-soleil leon

Gites et Soleil

  • Leon
  • 05 58 48 74 78