Tourism Ille-Sur-Tet

This country, located on the river Tet, in the plain of Roussillon, is washed and fertilized by running water. They determined its agricultural and have her dress and they made it a favorite spot for fruit crops. When money frosts of winter have given way to the first scent of spring, Ille, seen from the left bank of the Tet, appears in the magnificent scenery that is the imposing mass and the snowy peaks of Canigou as a vision of paradise. Cherry, apricot, peach and above, multiplied like a forest of trees, flourish in an atmosphere of fresh flowers and white roses, their petals on the promise of the most delicious fruits. At their feet, opulent gardening hint at the richness of the soil and the heavy work which the earth nourishes. At the bottom of the terrace which runs along the right bank of the river, my eyes feel a new delight at the sight of the many fountains that gush out there and spreading around their waters clear and perfect freshness unmatched . The village itself is grouped on the terrace. The red tile roofs appeared above the ramparts, which for years have protected the city and overlooking its monumental form the mass of houses, the church draws its impressive architecture and its square tower in the dazzling brightness of sky.

Tour to explore the Pyrénées-Orientales

  • Thème : Sites and museums
  • Départ : Tautavel
  • Durée : 6 jours

For 6 days, you will discover the Pyrénées-Orientales. Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, this department of Languedoc-Roussillon has a rich French-Spanish culture.

Day 1 : Museum of Prehistory Day 2 : Perpignan Day 3 :  Collioure Day 4 : Aristide Maillol

Small village classified most beautiful villages in France

Eus, a village due south towards Canigou, before arriving in Prades, starting point for hiking and VVT to hameaus Comes ... In the village, on-site dining room at the teps free, small craft shops, ...

circuit-rides-and-visit-the-villages-of-eus-in-arboussols walk-in-eus

moulin de ribaute

  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Duilhac-sous-peyrepertuse
  • Durée : 1 jour

Length: 6 km Elevation: 130 meters Time: 2 hours 45 minutes Difficulty: low Markings: yellow IGN 2447 West

Visit towns in the Pyrénées Orientales

  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Amelie-les-bains-palalda
  • Durée : 3 jours

Discover the cities in the Pyrenees Orientales department.

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