Tourism Arreau

Arreau is situated in department of Hautes-Pyrénées and region Midi-Pyrénées.


  • The lily house 
  • Cave of  Noisitier
  • Church Notre-Dame of Arreau

Tour to discover Hautes-Pyrénées

  • Thème : Sites and museums
  • Départ : Garderes
  • Durée : 6 jours

Discover the beauty of the Hérault following our tour you will discover all facets of the department. For 6 days, you will visit the caves, you will go to Lourdes or you'll find in museums.

Day 1 : Hautes-Pyrénées Day 2 : Tarbes Day 3 : Payolle a-day-at-bagneres-de-bigorre


  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Arreau
  • Durée : 5 jours

Situated in the middle of the valley of Aure in the High Pyrenees, Arreau will allure you by its authenticity and its patrimonial richness. Charming mountain small village, you will enjoy to live the time of your stay there.

discover-arreau discovery-circuit-of-the-monuments-of-arreau banks-of-neste-of-louron chapel-st-exupere-and-castle-of-nestes


  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Sarrancolin
  • Durée : 3 jours

Sarrancolin is located in the department of the Hautes-Pyrénées and the Midi-Pyrenees area. Its inhabitants are the sarrancolinois and the sarrancolinoises.

discover-sarrancolin discover-the-monuments-in-sarrancolin viste-the-village-of-sarrancolin


  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Vielle-aure
  • Durée : 5 jours

Vielle-Aure in the valley of Aure, located at the center of the chain of the Pyrenees, proposes to you to discover his village. Near to the stations of Saint-Lary and Piau-Engaly, to the tourist sites: National park of the Pyrenees, Natural reserve of Néouvielle Modernity, charms and ...

panoramic-discovery-of-the-valley-of-aure discover-the-natural-reserve-of-neouvielle the-national-parc-of-pyrenees vsiit-the-village-of-vieille-aure
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