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Welcome to Fraize

Fraize is a commune located in the Vosges department and the Lorraine region.

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Corcieux is a commune located in the Vosges department in the region of Lorraine.

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Welcome to Gérardmer

Gérardmer is a commune located in the department of the Vosges and the region of Lorraine.


The Munster Valley

The Munster Valley is the most characteristic of the Vosgian Valleys with high stubbles, vast grass areas located on the crests, forests and glaciers sheltering lakes and peat ...

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Fréland, a village in the mountain

Welcome to Fréland, a village in the mountain. This site will help you to discover this attracting village located in the Massif of the Vosges in Alsace. 

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Labaroche a picturesque village

Labaroche is a small village very pisturesque located in the mountain in the regional natural park of the 'Ballons des Vosges'. In the heart of this preserved nature, the ...

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Kaysersberg, in the heart of the Alsatian vineyard

Kaysersberg, has won several 'flower' awards, a famous title in France. In 1988, the town won 'excellence title' as well as national title for the best flower ...

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Discover the Orbey Valley

Orbey is located in the Welche region in the heart of the Alsatian Vosges Moutains. The region where quality of life means nature, mountains, meadows, lakes, skiing and hiking.

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Tourism Fraize


Fraize is located in the Vosges and Lorraine region. Sights Church, built in 1783

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Hôtel de la poste

Le bonhomme
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Hôtel restaurant perle des ...


Festivals and events


Mines adventure asepam

from 21 February to 31 December

Musical picnic in sainte croix ...

from 15 to 16 June 2024

Ideas for outings

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Manacha kart