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Guéret is a commune located in the Creuse department and in the region of Limousin.

Gartempe Valley


Things to see in the Gartempe Valley :

  • La Rebeyrolle waterfalls
  • The wash houses
  • The old bridges

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The gorges de la Creuse


The gorges of La Creuse are pretty steep and offer amazing and astonishing landscapes, notably with the "Pont du Diable" bridge in Anzême.

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The Forest of Chabrières


The Massif of the Chabrières is looming over Guéret and covers a high hills chain including the "Puy des Trois Cornes" and the Mounts Guéret.

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Things to see in Guéret :
  1. Moneyroux town house
  2. The "Présidial"
  3. Sénatorerie museum
  4. The War Memorial

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The Chabrières wolves


Monts de Guéret animal park present the wolves.

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Riding down Maupuy slopes


Mountain biking down the slopes of Maupuy.

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Courtille's leisure area


The leisure area of Courtille is located between Guéret and the Massif of Chabrières. It is a great place to rest and unwind. The artificial lake is available for swimming, sailing, canoeing etc.. A fishing area is available for disabled people as well as picnic areas including many games for children, a health trail a mini golf course and a tennis court.

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