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DepartureAHUN (23)

Ahun is a commune located in the Creuse department in the Limousin region.

Saint-Sylvain church


Saint-Silvain church is partially Romanesque (12th century), quite spare from the outside, it includes a crypt dating from the 11th century in which the grave of Saint-Sylvain is located.

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The Castle of Chantemille


The Castle of Chantemille is located in Ahun in the department of Creuse and the Limousin region. The castle is a fortified house built in 1470 on a fortified site dating from the 11th century.

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The viaduct of Busseau


The viaduct of Busseau is located in Ahun in the department of the Creuse and the Limousin region.

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The Moutier-d'Ahun


Located at 2 km from Ahun, the village of Moutier-d'Ahun is famous for its amazing baroque style woodworks housed in the church.

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