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DepartureSAINT-POL-DE-LEON (29)

From Morlaix, eight major stops on a circuit of 70 kms will take you to Saint Thégonnec to Sizun passing by Guimiliau where architectural treasures : steeples, crosses, fountains, will amaze you.

On the road of parish pens

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From Morlaix, a loop of 70 kms, you can discover the main parish closes. Together architecural comprising a majestic triumphal arch, a church, a crucifix, an ossuary, a cemetery is surrounded by a stone wall that defines and protects the sacred territory.

Abbey Relec

Take the n169 towards Huelgoat. You will follow the Queffleuth, one of the five rivers of the Pays de Morlaix, the lower slopes of Arrée. Join The Relecq (D111) a first stop where required. You'll discover the Relec abbey founded in 1132 with its innovative hydraulic system used to irrigate the gardens and distribute water in its buildings.

Pens Commana

Continue your journey towards Commana, Leon High Common, at the limit of Cornwall at the foot of the Monts d'Arree. The churchyard of Commana is one of the finest in Britain with the Arc de Triomphe, gatehouse dominated by three turrets, main access to the enclosure. His Saint-Derrien cache date of 1645 and luscious altarpiece. The ossuary chapel or shrine dates from 1677 and crosses, two in number, are in the precincts of the churchyard.

Pens Sizun

About fifteen kilometers (N164) west of Commana you discover Sizun, green station at the foot of the Monts d'Arree. Its churchyard Saint Suliau or Suliac, dated 15th and 16th century, is a historical monument. In Sizun, you will discover, his little museum of sacred art.

Pens Lampaul-Guimiliau

Keep up the road (D30) to reach Lampaul-Guimiliau on the boundaries of Leon. The churchyard is recognizable by its bell tower without an arrow, destroyed by lightning in 1809. Notre-Dame church (16th and 17th century) was built on the site of the monastery of Saint-Paul Aurélien. Enjoy the nave ceiling blue comparable to within a boat hull through which a beam of glory richly decorated.

Pens Guimilau

Small village in northern Finistere Guimiliau owes its Celibrities its churchyard dating from the 16th century. At the center of the enclosure, you will find her ordeal, no doubt, one of the finest in Bretagne, with its 200 figures representing more than 25 scenes (1581-1588).

Pens Saint Thégonnec

Temine your visit, stop at Saint Thégonnec this village overlooking the valley of coastal river, the Penzé. Saint Thégonnec is a bit grand finale of the parish enclosures because one of the richest of Léon through the generosity of the peasant aristocracy. This prosperity lasted longer than elsewhere (mid 18th century) and helped build a whole luscious.

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