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During the town trail, you will see Casteljaloux's patrimonial areas.

Casteljaloux's Historical Patrimonial

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There are sites you can see in Casteljaloux:


  • The Maison du Roy: Kings such as Louis the XIIIth and Louis the XIV were said to have had their residence at the Maison du Roy when they came to Casteljaloux. You can find in it an exhibition room with a wonderful fireplace.
  • The Cordeliers' Cloister and Chapel: the Franciscan order (named as well the "Cordeliers") preached charity and poverty and that’s why the chapel is so simple and the cloister's so severe. Today this entirely restored cloister is converted into an old people home.
  • The Notre Dame Church: built in the 15th century, then demolished by the protestants and rebuilt from 1682 to 1711. We can read the motto of the French republic on the pediment: ‘Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité’, which is quite unusual for a religious building in France. But it is understandable because the church has been restored with the finance of the Republic in 1899.
  • The Garden and its Castel: they welcomed “Jeanne d’Albret” and “Henri de Navarre”, future King Henri the IVth. In 1636, the castle was partly demolished and the tower was dismantled in 1653.
  • The ramparts: these 14th century fortifications were pulled down several times because of different reasons. Today, some vestiges still remain, restored by the borough council.
  • Place de la Republique: The Town Hall was built in 1859. It underwent many other transformations until the total restoration which dates back to 1988.
  • The Old Casteljaloux: half-timbered and corbelling houses from the 15th and the 16th centuries, remain in the old town.



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