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Nestled on the bank of River Garonne, in the heart of the department, Tonneins offers a great choice combining environmental friendly tourism with all the cultural , sports and leisure services.

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In the heart of the Lot-et-Garonne, Tonneins reveals its richness to its visitors. Built on the right bank of River Garonne, the town offers a great view on its quays where a 2 km long stroll will unwind you.

On the Garonne banks, you will be able to see the 'Maison du Passeur' and the wash house that are vestiges of the old days.

Staying in Tonneins means enjoying the comfort, the picturesque and the friendliness of its inhabitants. The quality of life is strongly linked to the southern climate and to the local gastronomy.

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Have a stroll on the 2 km long promenade along the banks of River Garonne.

The history of Tonneins has been linked to the tobacco industry since several centuries. The tobacco seeds were introduced in France in 1556 in Clairac by Priest André Théret who brought it back from brazil. 

The first 'Manufacture Royale des Tabacs de Tonneins' opened its doors in 1726 and used to employ 1200 people and was for a long time the main economic ressource of the region. the 'Manufacture Royale des Tabacs de Tonneins' was built by the bank of River Garonne as everything back then was brought by barges on the river. One used to make, snuffing tobacco powder, chewing tobacco, scaferlati and so on..


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Enjoy the local gastronomy


In the old days, there was a hostelry that hosted travellers at the diligence stop. the customers enjoyed the hostelry specialty called 'Jambon du Postillon'. This delicious sauce was renowned thanks to the delicate choice of meat, the very precised amount of spices and the simmering time (12 hours in a stew dish).

One day Louis XIII stopped at the hostelry called 'Auberge du Postillon' and had this famous meal, He was so impressed that when he talked about it he reffered to it as 'Jambon de Tonneins'

This name remain today.

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