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The commune of Saint-Genest-Malifaux is located on a plate, below the solid mass of Pilat. Saint-Genest-Malifaux is with the crossroads of the old provinces, Forez, Vivarais and Velay, and on an important axis connecting the plain of Forez with the valley of the Rhone by the collar of Republic or Large-Wood collar.

Discover Saint-Genest-Malifaux


Saint-Genest-Malifaux, in full heart of the Regional natural park of Pilat, is at the borders of the provinces of Velay, Vivarais and Forez. Here mix, last, traditions, architecture of stones, rurality and modernity.

Borough of medium mountains, chief town of canton, Saint-Genest is enraciné in its history but resolutely turned towards the future with the doors of the great agglomerations.

The commune which counts 3.000 inhabitants, extends on a surface from 4.700 hectares where natural rhyme with agriculture, but also with culture with space Jules Verne, dynamic community life,…

At 1.000 meters of altitude, Saint-Genest it is also a high green tourist resort where in love ones with nature will find many circuits of hiking, equestrian and marked out VTT.

Dairy agriculture, diversified teaching, alive craft industry and trade, the common has a formidable will balance and adaptation.

All trade and schools in the vicinity.

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Visit the castles of the town

  • The castle of Wood

Located at 3 kms of St-Genest-Malifaux and 2 kms of the " Collar of Large Bois" , part of the buildings currently remained private, the other is development by the Agricultural college of Saint-Genest-Malifaux/Précieux with an inn (produced soil), rooms of hosts. A riding school supplements this unit

  • The castle of Pérusel

In 1856, the barons of Saint-Genest made build a castle with the locality " Pérusel". Flanked of two turns before and two square towers with the back, its principal frontage open on a splendid panorama on the chain of Velay

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Discover the flora of Saint-Genest-Malifaux


The mountain flora is rich and various. During ballades and according to the seasons the walker will discover on the edges of the ways, in the meadows, of the flowers wild of all the colors, odorous or not, gathered in solid mass or dispersed. Among the multitude of varieties, you will discover easily:

  • At the end of the winter

The crocuses which appear with the snow melt at the time of radoucissement of the temperature, snowdrops,…

  • In spring

The white daisies or dew with the yellow heart, will flower until the autumn in the meadows, the embankments and the lawns. Pale primulas stemless, yellow flowers with an orange heart.

  • The arrival of the summer

Rocks the Caucasus likes the wet grounds of the banks of the rivers, it can dominate the zones where it is established. Its large flowers are spread out like sunshades of a diameter which can reach 50 centimetres, they are carried by hollow stems (the sap can cause serious blisters in the children which use it as blowpipe or with other plays). Rocks can reach 1 to 2 meters height.

Species close as the large one rocks and angelica to wood are found in our countryside.

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The hikes in Saint-Genest-Malifaux


The lovers with nature will find many circuits of hiking, equestrian and marked out VTT. These ways allow an overall picture of high Pilat, its varied landscapes, Mont Chaussitre, water level of Sapt, collar of the Large Wood, its rivers and fountains as Do it Ria, its Crosses and firm granite old women.

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