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In the doors of Haute Ubaye and National park of Mercantour, at the outlet of the road of the Cap (highest of Europe, which climbs the collar of the same name, at 2802 meters), a few kilometres from Barcelonnette and at the edge of the tumultuous Ubaye river, Jausiers does not have to complain about its environment

Visit the Jausiers village


Clean and nicely restored, Jausiers presents a laughing face, a pretty place pimpante around a fountain, where you will be able to admire the beautiful church St Nicolas de Myre, a baroque " sobre" , without gildings nor ornaments, on the Piedmontese model.

In addition to its sumptuous natural framework - fir trees, vast meadows and sharp air of altitude - this large borough of mountain will also allure you by his pleasant mall with the frontages pastel, its many lodgings, tables of hosts and other accessible hotels of charm, its Coffee of the Arcades and its Museum of the Valley repaints merry colors…

Leisures of outdoor or historical heritage, bowl of fresh air, génépi or local pork-butchery, goat's milk cheese tasting… Jausiers will offer holidays to you very" nature" !

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National park of Mercantour


The national park of Mercantour preserves the most beautiful and rare varieties of fauna and the flora of Europe in the Alpes Maritimes et Alpes de Haute Provence.

The crystalline whole the solid mass of Will silver plate-Mercantour is a geological, climatic and landscape crossroads: its broken reliefs and its multiple landscapes shelter rich person regroupings of the plants and animals. Multiple climatic influences (Mediterranean, ligure, alpine and of Provence) and the existence of tops marked near the sea caused a remarkable diversity of the natural environments.

To travel in Mercantour causes constant astonishment and amazement. The glacial erosion, then river, modelled in the Alps of the South of the imposing landscapes. Sometimes austere, the panorama that offer to you the succession of lakes, collars, tops and throats remains simply majestic.

Zone refuge during the last glaciations of quaternary, Mercantour is also one of the most important hearths of animals and endemic plants in France: you will not find them nowhere elsewhere!

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Discover Villas of the Mexicans


The town counts several “Mexican” villas, built by inhabitants having made fortune in Mexico at the XIX and the beginning of the XX century:

  • The castle of Magnans: built between 1903 and 1913, this manor has a Gothic architecture of imagination, inspired by that of the castle of Neuschwanstein, built in Bavaria by Louis II of Wittelsbach, but also with the castles Tuscan such as the castle of Vicchiomaggio. It is decorated of an overdoor in low-relief of Clodion, representing a procession of bacchantes and a stained glass of Louis Balmet. It is registere in the historic buildings;
  • The villa of the Sapinière, in traditional style, is in beautiful partition apparatus; it is equipped with a porch supported by columns decorated with rosettes;
  • The Campecina villa, with the purified forms, built in 1912;
  • The Javelly villa, built in 1913, framed of two turns, composite style (Art nouveau, picturesque art and Italianist);
  • The Laugier villa, built in 1892,that its decoration goes back to 1904: it one is preceded by a doric porch, under the balcony. The decoration of murals extends in all the interior parts, but also outside, decorated trompe-l'œil.

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Hiking in Jausiers


Hiking Around Jausiers, there exist answers to the race of time…

Slow tempo of the step of the walker, fresh air under a radiant sun, and the patient glance to discover - a little further - new horizons.

Accesses of the lake of Greenhouse-Ponçon, with the forest of the hêtraie with Pontis, with the buttresses of tops among highest of the Alps of the South, the heart of the forests of larches to the green meadows or the arid and wild landscapes, the slope is an invitation with the excursion of a few hours to an excursion of several days.

It is the occasion to tame nature and its hosts, to admire discrete lakes or impetuous torrents, and why not, with a guide who will make you discover more secrecies of our valley, some confidential sites or mythical animals.

To pose its feet in the traces of a guide guide, to impregnate life of the animals, to recognize a flower, to pose its hand on the rock face that you climb, hurl on a tyrolienne, as many direct contacts with the nature which allow us to appreciate, to rediscovery it, feel it, respect it. Whatever your practice and your level, professionals of Ubaye propose a framing under the best conditions, in full safety, do not hesitate to contact them to know all the offers. 

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Leisure park of Siguret


The price for entering the site includes the access to the arranged beaches, the supervised bathe, the tennis shoe, tennis courts, beach-volleyball, climbing wall, with the plays for children, the shaded surfaces of picnic.

Canoes and the boats with pedals are in hiring on the spot.


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