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Bazas has a dynamic economy thanks to the food processing, cow farming of Bazas, wood industry, metalworking industry... as well as the rich cultural heritage as a former episcopal, administrative and judicial seat.

Tourism and eco-walking in bazas


Awarded by the "National Competition for flowery Cities", Bazas is a mix of natural environment and urban life.

The different gardens and parks, designed by the town hall services, emphasize the beauty of the architectural heritage.

Discover the different flowers and gardens which embellish the city.

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Discover Bazas's architecture


The architecture of the city is elegant as well as its vestiges.

The cathedral Saint-Jean-Baptiste was built in the 13th century and is now listed world heritage by UNESCO, the cathedral owes its name to the relic of the of saint brought back to Bazas at the first christian era.

The gate of Gisquet or the Garden of the Sultan and its rose garden are elements that were saved from the destructions that took place in the 19th century. Guided tours are available and allow to discover monuments of the Bazas region.

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Bazas, city of art


Bazas is a city of art. On the Cathedral square or the surrounding streets, artists and craftsmen owned association called "Place des Arts", display different art work: Tapestry Earthenware Leather clothing Jewels Ironworks Framing Painting Sculpture Flea market

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Bazas' curiosities


The tourists attractions in Bazas are the castles of Roque-Taillade, Cazeneuve, Villandraut, the collegial of Uzeste, numerous churches, the vineyards, the castle of Sauternais.

In addition to the eye candy is the gastronomy, (beef entrecote Bazadese style, Foie Gras, Magrets, confits) and many more products.

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