The park is Herouval few kilometers from the capital. With a broad space of 20 hectares.

The park offers a multitude of attractions 

  • bouncy castles, slides and games. But also a beach where you can swim and play.
  • The mini farm will be a meeting place and finally exceptional animals.

The park has to may surfaces or shaded picnic tables and barbecue are at your disposal. So leave the capital to enjoy a moment in family circles of nature.

Accommodation nearby

65 € From
domaine-pres-du-hom bezu-saint-eloi

Domaine pres du Hom

  • Bezu-saint-eloi
  • 02 32 55 61 19
200 € From
camping-du-bois-joli henonville

Camping du Bois Joli

  • Henonville
  • 03 44 49 87 92

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