Petit Train de La Mure

The Petit Train de La Mure is a small red train who links Saint-Georges-de-Commiers to the gates of Grenoble in a former mining town called La Mure. The railways will plunge you in to the charm of the 1930s for a magnificent journey of wonder. The Chemin de Fer de La Mure is a fantastic tour. It has been consider to be the most beautiful line in the Alps. You will discovered 19 miles of a spectacular line perched between the Vercors and the Oisans. The Petit Train de La Mure climbs at a speed limit of 19 mph, crossing 142 bridges with an exceptional panorama, including 2 of 7 wonders of the Dauphiné, Mont Aiguille and the Pierre Percée. At the top of mountain you will enjoy one of the most impressive views of the Vercors whith its turquoise waters of the Lake Monteynard, where gorges lead into valleys. Each new landscape is a new painting. The Mysterious Tunnel, one of the new attraction on the Railway, takes the young and old into the magical world of the mines.

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