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musee-d-art-moderne-de-troyes troyes

Musée d'Art Moderne de Troyes

The Museum of Modern Art in Troyes is located in the former palace of the bishops since its inauguration in 1982 by Francois Mitterand. The ...
l-apothicairerie-de-l-hotel-dieu-le-comte troyes

L’apothicairerie de l’Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte

The apothecary of the Hotel Dieu was founded in the eighteenth century in the Hotel Dieu le Comte, monument of the twelfth century. Visitors can ...
le-musee-saint-loup troyes

Le musée Saint-Loup

Located in Troyes, Saint -Loup museum houses varied collections: fine arts (painting, sculptures, decorative arts) , archeology and natural ...
maison-de-l-outil-et-de-la-pensee-ouvriere troyes

Maison de l'outil et de la pensée ouvrière

The House of Tool and Thinking Workers is in a former mansion . Troyes This museum has a beautiful collection of hand shaping tools dating from ...
musee-de-vauluisant troyes

Musée de Vauluisant

Also called the Museum of Hosiery , Vauluisant the museum is in one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings . Created in 1948, the museum ...

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