Château de Meauce

Meauce Castle is a medieval castle situated alongside the Allies on the common of Saincaize-Meauce. Built on the rock of Rochefort, Meauce Castle, one of the oldest in the Nivernais, appears to have been built in the XIII by a member of the family of that name who held the fief since XI.

Partly destroyed during the first episodes of the Hundred Years War by the British that ravaged the region in 1360 and in 1370 it was rebuilt by Roffignac around 1383. Surrounded by ditches fed by the waters of the Allier and fortified with a circular enclosure, Meauce was a strategic point that fought the royal army and the Anglo-Burgundian. The Roffignac kept it until it was sold by decree in 1690 to the wife of JB Mérigot, steward of the Duke of Nevers. It was sold again in 1772, to B. Moreau of Marets, ironmaster.

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