Château de Rambures

Since the eleventh century, when we begin to mention the lords Rambures, held their last stronghold in the heart of Vimeu and very close to the border Norman. The motte is also still visible close to the castle. Three castles will succeed and one family will occupy the land for 1000 years. The work of the current castle will likely begin in the fourteenth century and completed in the fifteenth century against a backdrop of war 100 years.

The castle that we visit today is a rare example of military architecture of the fifteenth century as it has, even today, the look you want by military architects of his time. It attributes the design of this unique place to David Rambures, Grand Master of the Archers of France's highest military function of the time, "Lord Rambures" Shakespeare's Henry V. A unique character, exceptional place since this is a castle which, if we still surprises today, more will astonish his contemporaries. Indeed, one of its major features is that it is the first French chateau of brick and stone materials used to better withstand the artillery of his day.

It's in the reception room where every year takes a different exposure, the beginning of your visit. A film allows visitors to understand a simple, military architecture of the place. The discovery of the interior is completed with a guide who will tell you the daily life over the centuries in this fantastic building.

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