Château du Lude

The original fortress was built between the tenth and fifteenth century on the banks of the Loire, Anjou to defend against the incursions of the Normans and the English during the 100 years war. Gilles de Rais, the legendary Bluebeard, y delivering a successful fight before joining Joan of Arc in Orleans. Louis XI's chamberlain, Jehan Daillon, takes possession of the estate of Lude in the late fifteenth century. He transforms the fortress into an elegant craft, that his descendants will embellish for 2 centuries.

We owe the Renaissance facade of Italian style and the courtyard with marble slabs. Castle receives illustrious guests: Henry IV, Louis XIII and the Marquise de Sevigne. In 1751, Le Lude becomes the property of Joseph Duvelaër, head of the Council of the East India Company. Her niece, the Marchioness of Vieuville, builds the wing classic style of Louis XVI, and defends the castle during the Revolution. His descendants, the Talhouët Roy, undertake throughout the nineteenth century of extensive restoration work. For 250 years in the same family, Lude is now the property of Count and Countess Jean-Louis de Nicolaÿ, who continue the tradition of restoration and improvement, including the creation of new gardens.

The richness and diversity of styles that characterize the Château du Lude are also found in interior decoration and furniture. The Office of paintings created for the Duchesse de Lude by the School of Raphael is a unique example of an Italian studiolo in a French chateau. In the basement, vaulted the former kitchens have been in service since the fifteenth century, while the common house the stables and granary with a remarkable structure.

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