Château de la Motte-Glain

The castle de la Motte-Glain is a castle built on the town of La Chapelle-Glain at the end of the fifteenth century by Pierre de Rohan-Gie and modified in the seventeenth century. Some parts of the castle are the subject of a classification as a historic monument since July 6, 1929. The castle was built by Pierre de Rohan-Gie in 1495 on the ancient fortress of the Lords of Rougé.

Anne of Brittany and Charles VIII stayed there in 1497 and Charles IX and Catherine de Medici in 1565. It was purchased in 1635 by Michael Wolf, Adviser to the Parliament of Britain. It was inscribed monument January 7, 1926 then the stately home and the chapel were ordered July 6, 1929. It is open to the public and offers rooms for rent.

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