Château d'Entrecasteaux

The castle of Entrecasteaux is a former stronghold of the eleventh century, rebuilt in the fifteenth, sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. The great people who lived in the castle of Entrecasteaux are: - Francois de Grignan, son of Madame de Sevigne - Admiral Bruny D'Entrecasteaux, born in the castle of Entrecasteaux in 1737, sent by Louis XVI in search of La Perouse in the South Pacific, who left in 1791 and died there of scurvy and dysentery, July 20, 1793, - Jean Baptiste, Marquis d'Entrecasteaux, born in 1761, who murdered his wife in 1784.

After decades of neglect, the castle was restored by Iain Lachlan McGarvie-Munn with his father Hugh Ian McGarvie-Munn (1919-1981). Iain continued the restoration and made the castle into a cultural center until he sold it in 1996, Alain Gayral, its present owner, continued the restoration and redecorated it and added his collection of antiques.

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