Château de Clisson

The medieval Château de Clisson, built between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries, is an imposing and remarkable fortress built at the entrance of Brittany. The Château de Clisson annually hosts many visitors to discover this monument that the English called "The Butcher". The Château de Clisson occupies a important geo-strategic site since the Middle Ages, on a hill overlooking the river of the Sevre, and standing face to enemy countries of Anjou and Poitou.

The Château de Clisson is a real work of synthesis techniques used by military architecture at that time because the building is composed of buildings, fortifications and towers of different periods, with various architectural styles. The Château de Clisson is a real lock composed of a polygonal enclosure surrounded by round towers. It has a double moat and fortified walls which made almost impossible to take the castle during a fighting. Sound and light Shows, for both adults and children, are held in the courtyard of the Château de Clisson regularly during the summer and weekends which tell the rich history of this ancient fortress.

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