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alignements-de-carnac carnac

Alignements de Carnac

The three alignments of Carnac comprenent 2934 menhirs and last for about 4 km, they are world famous. The reason for this alignment still seems ...
eglise-saint-cornely carnac

Église Saint-Cornély

Church of Saint-Cornély date of 1792 and has three nave and two transepts. Its north side does not lack originality through the alliance of its ...
village-de-saint-colomban carnac

Village de Saint-Colomban

He is a former village of the XVI century, whose characteristic is to have houses made of granite. It is located south-west of Carnac and ...
chapelle-la-madeleine carnac

Chapelle la Madeleine

Chapel of la Madeleine, near the village of Kergarec, nearby we found the fountain of Sainte-Madeleine, the peculiarity of this source is to cure ...
chapelle-saint-michel carnac

Chapelle Saint-Michel

Chapel of Saint-Michel, dating from 1664, is placed atop the largest tumulus of the region. Dedicated to Saint-Michel, it offers tourists a ...

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