Monuments in Beziers

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Liste of monuments in Beziers

cathedrale-saint-nazaire beziers

Cathédrale Saint-Nazaire

The cathedral Saint-Nazaire is the largest Gothic monument in the city. Built in the XIV century is located in the western part of the old ...
plateau-des-poetes beziers

Plateau des Poètes

The plateau of the Poetes was carried out by two landscape artists, the brothers Bullher. This English style park contains many statues of poets ...
arenes-de-beziers beziers

Arènes de Béziers

The city of Beziers has two arenas. All that remains of the first, dating from Roman times, as can the remains. However, they have undergone a ...
pont-vieux-de-beziers beziers

Pont Vieux de Béziers

Le Pont Vieux built in Beziers in the Herault, is a Romanesque building dating from the twelfth century, which can cross the Orb. He was for a ...

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