Site antique d'Aleria

The ancient site of Aleria is an archaeological site classified as a historical monument since 1990.

The first time the site was described, it was by Prosper Merimee. It describes after his trip to Corsica in 1840, the remains of the site, such as walls, the western arc. The remaining items were still buried under sediment. The very first excavations began in 1955. Gradually, the elements are emerging as the forum in 1958, the pre-Roman necropolis in 1960, etc.. All excavations have revealed a complex history of the territory: in addition to the Roman remains, traces of prior occupation by the Greeks were revealed and even elements indicating human occupation during prehistoric times.

Today the site is still under excavation, and visitors can follow the evolution of discovery. They can already see the forum, a temple, the Capitol and balneum. The objects found are grouped within the County Museum of Archaeology J. Carcopino.

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