Festival interceltique

The Festival Interceltique de Lorient celebrates this year its 46th edition. The program includes, as usual, celtic music and culture. The event has already an outstanding reputation since in 2012, 700,000 visitors ans spectators went to Lorient to enjoy the shows, concerts and parades, on a bagpipes music background.

The festival has become an international reference of the genre and makes play artists from many countries having a celtic heritage. In addition to the classical Irish, Scottish or Welsh artists, people from Canada and New Zealand have now joined the event.

Celtic music and culture festival


  • Aber Valley Male Choir
  • Alan Stivell
  • Andrew Frater
  • Bagad de Lann Bihoué
  • Brunet/Le Gall
  • Cercle d'Auray
  • Fred Morrison
  • Nolwenn Arzel
  • Oriaz

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Lorient is a French town located in the Morbihan department and the Bretagne region. It is the fourth most populated town in Bretagne as its population counts about 58,000 inhabitants. Lorient enjoys mild weather in ...