Cinema Paris 10eme

L'Archipel - PARIS CINE

l-archipel-paris-cine paris-10eme Number of screens : 2 Number of seats : 204

Le Brady Cinema & Théâtre

le-brady-cinema-theatre paris-10eme Number of screens : 2 Number of seats : 134

Cinema near

theatre-du-marais paris-3eme

Théatre du Marais

Paris 3eme
le-grand-rex paris-2eme

Le Grand Rex

Paris 2eme
max-linder-panorama paris-9eme

Max Linder Panorama

Paris 9eme
mk2-beaubourg paris-3eme

MK2 Beaubourg

Paris 3eme
centre-georges-pompidou paris-4eme

Centre Georges-Pompidou

Paris 4eme
le-nouveau-latina paris-4eme

Le Nouveau Latina

Paris 4eme
ugc-opera paris-9eme

UGC Opéra

Paris 9eme

Tourism Paris 10eme


The 10th arrondissement of Paris is located on the right bank of the Seine. He carried the name ...

Tourist trip

A tour to visit Paris

Paris is a city of great beauty that has many monuments like the Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame de Paris. It is in this "City of Light" that you will spend six days. You can ...

day-on-the-island one-day-two-museums from-arc-to-the-iron-lady

Advice for a long hike

If you go for hike go to

gr-20 gr-65 gr-509-gtj

Paris- Versailles- Champagne

Vous aimerez . Un circuit découverte complet . Les visites de caves et de productions de champagnes . Les charmes de Paris . Les plus beaux sites classés . Les ...

arrivee-a-paris paris-et-ses-monuments paris-versailles

Seven ideas to have fun in Paris

Take a dive into seven Paris universes you will enjoy a lot.

cruise-promenade metamorphosis parisian-market-for-creation

Festivals and events


Escape game in montmartre

from 16 February to 28 December
Paris 18eme

Private jet tour around the ...

from 20/5/2022 to 31/12/2024
Paris 1er

Activities provided on this page can be found within a radius of 30km around Paris 10eme