Travel un Spain

Second European tourist destination after France, Spain in 2012 attracted nearly 59 million passengers. Between beaches, mountains and plains, the Iberian peninsula offers a variety of choices for tourists. Spain is a mixture of culture, fiesta and sun.

Spain has architectural wonders. Some are not yet complete as the Sagrada Familia. Others are from the Muslim presence in Spain (the Alhambra). Centuries of rivalry between Muslims and Christians have left a legacy composed of thousands of castles. And remnants of the time of the Roman Empire are all over the country.

Many activities are available in Spain. The country is about him through his many tourist routes: the pilgrimage to Saint Jacques de Compostela, Way of El Cid, Chemin de Don Quixote ... Some lead to the Spanish beaches. Ibiza, Majorca, the Canary Islands and Rias Baixas are among the best known. Many tourist activities related to the sea are available. In winter, the other guests find their happiness on the ski slopes of the Pyrenees or those of the Iberian Massif. They are replaced by summer hikers.

Iberian Peninsula is a land of artists Velázquez, Picasso, El Greco ... The country has some of the largest museums in Europe. In Madrid, the Prado Museum presents a selection of some 900 paintings. The Picasso Museum is located him in Barcelona. And the El Greco Museum in Toledo.

Spain is also a country of celebration and food. The evening is an opportunity to meet over a drink with friends or a dance. Restaurants start serving late. And at night often ends early in the morning. In the kitchen, traditional tapas are a must. But every Spanish region has its specialty. The cuisine is rich and varied.

Tourist cities in Spain