Tourism Saint-François

Geologically, the region of St. Francis is an area of limestone plateau slightly injured by flat-bottomed valleys.

The shoreline south of the town consists of a series of flat handles: Anse Saint-François, Anse du Mancenillier, Anse Kahouanne ... wide open sea and sometimes bordered by marshes or salt, now drained.The shore north-east towards the wide open Atlantic, is steeper, forming a kind of creeks: Olive Bay or Anse à l'Eau.advanced castles.

Marine erosion or tectonic movements separated enormous blocks islands of the cliff at Pointe des Chateaux. Its northern shore is punctuated with a series of lagoons, often separated from the sea by rocks or fine strips of white sand, turning them into salt.

This diversity of landscapes and spectacular views towards Désirade Marie-Galante and make it a tourist mecca.Les Iles de la Petite-Terre island surrounded by limestone cays, and uninhabited nature reserve are a continuation island of St. Francis.

On the climate, the region of St. Francis is an area of low rainfall with a dry climate tempered by trade winds. There is no permanent watercourse.