Tourism Sable-Sur-Sarthe

The presence of the three rivers (the Sarthe, the Erve and Vaige) explains the history and tourist interest in this city of more than 13 000 inhabitants.The city was protected by an enclosure in which there are remains important.The present castle, when the eighteenth century.Built for JB Colbert de Torcy, it will be bought by the family of Chevreuse.The Duke of Chaulnes who lived from 1875 will mark his mark on local cultural life.The city has always been an important economic activity.From the medieval period, the leather trade was flourishing.Tanneries were still operating in the eighteenth century.The port is very active in the nineteenth, is now the first base of the river department.


  • Castle of Plessis Bourré

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Les Roulottes de la Ferme Chauvet

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