Tourism - Martinique

Martinique is an island and an overseas French department located in the Caribbean Sea. The main cities are Fort-de-France, Le Marin, Saint-Pierre and La Trinité.

The island has a regional natural park with tropical forests and volcanic mountains as well as 31 marked footpaths great for hiking.

There are numerous water sports and activities to be done on the island such as scuba diving, sailing, game fishing and surfing.

Museums and other attractions are often the rum distilleries and historical museums about the island.

Top tourist cities in Martinique


Tourism Fort-de-France

Fort-de-France is located at 6800 km from Paris, on the Caribbean coast of Martinique, that is to say, to the west of the island, and almost midway between the northern and southern ends of department.The city is built on the north shore of the bay from Fort-de-France. ...


Tourism La Marin

The Marin is a French commune located in the department of Martinique, Martinique region. Sights Church of Marin Marina


Tourism Saint-pierre

Saint-Pierre is a French commune located in the department of Martinique and the region Martinique.Its inhabitants are called Pierrotin. Sights in Saint-pierre Former theater Ruins of Church of Fort Ruins of Bethlehem Asylum Historical Museum of St. Pierre ...


Tourism La Trinite

Trinidad is a municipality located in the French department of Martinique and the Martinique region. Sights The Statute of Governor Albert Jean Baptiste

Other tourist cities