Tourism Le Gosier

Le Gosier is a town department of Guadeloupe.


  1. The beaches of Lower Fort, between the village and Abymes Gosier, close to hotels and private residences.
  2. The beach at Grand Baie, unmanaged and often deserted.
  3. Beaches hotels from Pointe de la Verdure, near the Casino, artificial appointed and comfortable, facing Basse-Terre.
  4. The beach at Anse Tabarin, near the beach of the Dacha, arranged and undergrowth.
  5. Beach Municipal Dacha, located in the town, facing the islet of Gosier, very crowded even on weekdays, lit in the evening until 23:00.
  6. Small beaches of Dampierre, the L'Anse Vinegar bordered by a lawn or other wilder.
  7. The beach of Saint-Felix, long and shaded, at the roundabout at St. Felix, after the hotel school. An appointment popular with families for picnics or joggers.
  8. Salines beach, windy and wild, known for windsurfers and kite surfers, located between St. Felix and Maudet.
  9. The beach of Petit-Havre, direction Sainte-Anne. On the left unspot surf and right a small quiet beach. One of the favorite beaches of Guadeloupe during Easter weekend.
  10. Beach Cove Jacques, near the Petit-Havre. Small, because hosting a shady coconut grove.