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Guyana is a French department located in the north east of South America; its borders are limited by the Oyapock, the Maroni River, the Mounts Tumuv-Humac and by the Atlantic Ocean. Guyana is surrounded by Surinam and Brazil. Tourism is essentially based on nature and adventure. The great natural wealth of the local wildlife would attract any nature lovers. There are numerous rivers, streams and the Amazonian Forest offering great walks to visitors. With almost 8 millions hectares of virgin forest, a natural heritage made up with 1300 different types of trees, 190 different types of mammals, 720 different types of birds, 480 different types of fishes. Guyana is one of the last vast natural sites to be explored.

Guyana is also ‘le Bagne’ (labour camp in English) and its vestiges still present. Among them the ‘Camp de transportation’ of Saint-Laurent du Maroni, the prison cells on the Islands of Salut, a site where thousands prisoners where jailed among them the most famous ones were Papillon and Dreyfus.

Beside this historical Guyana, is the Guyanese Spatial Centre, the pride of the European spatial industry with the Ariane rockets.

Finally, Guyana is also renown for its Carnival, which competes with the most popular carnivals in the world. For Easter, the local dish is the traditional Aouara Broth.

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