Tourism - Essonne

Essonne is a French department located in the south of Paris in the Ile-de-France region.

The historical and natural heritages attract many visitors each year with the castles, the most famous being Charamande, and their gardens, the religious monuments, the museums, and famous artists houses such as the house of Victor Hugo in Bièvres, Alphonse Daudet inDraveil anf Foujita in Villiers-le-Bâcle.

Outdoor activities are proposed in the two leisure areas of Etampes and Port-aux-Cerises, with hiking or cycling on the single tracks of the GR 1, GR 2 and the GR 11, fifteen golf courses of which the one of the ‘Stade français Paris rugby’ in Courson-Monteloup, swimming pools and riding schools.

Top tourist cities in Essonne


Tourism Evry

Evry, a new city. The city of Evry as it is today, was built from 1965 in order to create new accomodation in the Paris suburbs to relieve the capital congestion. However, Evry is not a dormitory town. The city has built facilities which have made it a lively and ...


Tourism Etampes

Étampes is situated to forty nine kilometers to the southwest of Paris, in department of Essonne, in the region Île-de-France. Two movies are present on the town, the complex of The Rotonde and CinÉtampes, classified Art and Essai. Theater, party ...


Tourism Palaiseau

Palaiseau is a common Frenchwoman located at eighteen kilometers to the south-west of Paris, sub-prefecture of the department of  The Essonne, in the area Ile-de-France. It is chief town d' district and of canton, and sits of the community d' ...


Tourism Corbeil-Essonnes

Corbeil-Essonnes is situated in the department of the Essonne in the region Île-de-France.  Sights in Corbeil-Essonnes  Ramparts of Corbeil Commanderie of Saint-Jean-en-L'Isle Porch of the cloister Saint-Spire Market covered by Corbeil Tower ...