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Creuse is a French department that is part of the Limousin region located in the centre of France. It is surrounded by the Corrèze Haute-Vienne Allier Puy-de-Dôme Cher and Indre departments. The department is located in the northwest of the Massif Central.

The main tourists sites of interests are the Vassivière lake Evaux-les-Bains and Aubusson old city centre with its monuments linked to tapestry. Among remarkable sites one can find Boussac Castle, Villemonteix Castle and the Banizette domain located in La Nouaille, the Sénoueix bridge in Gentioux-Pigerolles. Zizim Tower built in Bourganeuf between 1483 and 1486.

Among natural sites are the Jaumâtres stones located on the top of Mount Barlot. The Jarrauds Waterfalls located in Saint-Martin-Château. The Landes pond, a natural reserve. Located in the Gouzon Bassin, the Landes pond is the only pond in the Limousin region, it shelters a varied wildlife. Ornitologists can enjoy watching Herons, Cranes, Ospreys, Crakes and Ducks.

Top tourist cities in Creuse


Tourism Gueret

Gueret, the main city of the Creuse department, housing nearly 15 000 inhabitants, is a small, calm and quiet town. Gueret has a privileged natural environment, the "Monts de Guéret" consist of wooded hills and green valleys crossing the Gartempe ...

Must : Musée de la Sénatorerie


Tourism Aubusson

Aubusson is situated in the department of  Creuse one and region Limousin. Aubusson, is a rich heritage, witness of the power of the passed. Aubusson, is a surprise, a discovery to every corner of streets. Here, the granit is everywhere. Of here of there, one ...

Must : Cité internationale de la tapisserie

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