Tourism Batz-Sur-Mer

Located in the heart of the marshes, the town of Batz-sur-Mer Bourg and includes its surrounding villages that are Kermoisan, Kervalet, Roffiat and Trégaté. With a rich environmental heritage, architectural and cultural, Batz-sur-Mer is also a famous seaside resort on the peninsula. Resort popular for its beaches and Saint Michel Valentin, Batz-sur-Mer is also famous among surfers and other skiers and snowboarders to the waves of the Govelle. With its 459 hectares of salt marshes with a total area of 927 hectares, the Bourg de Batz, now Batz-sur-Mer in 1931, has built its identity with the salt, genuine local product now labeled with the tenacity of Paludiers. For over a millennium, they exploit the salt marshes of Batz-sur-Mer and use their ancestral knowledge to collect the precious "flower of salt" so prized by gourmets! Authentic and dynamic, Batz-sur-Mer has taken advantage of its many strengths.

Tour to discover the Loire-Atlantique

  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Nantes
  • Durée : 7 jours

For 6 days, discover all the treasures of the department of Loire-Atlantique. Loire-Atlantique is one of five departments in the UK history.

Day 1 : Nantes Day 2 : Clisson Day 3 : Kerhinet Day 4 : Guérande

Strolls in the Loire Atlantique department

Visit towns and cities full of charm in the loire atlantique department and discover the variety of its landscape.

discover-guerande discover-vertou discover-machecoul discover-clisson

Saint nazaire, a town by the sea

  • Thème : Sites and museums
  • Départ : Saint-nazaire
  • Durée : 8 jours

Saint-nazaire is a port and an estuary town which, while becoming a major industrial centre, has kept the charm of the beaches and coves of the loire river mouth.

discover-the-city espadon the-escal-atlantic-museum the-ecomusee


  • Thème : Sciences and discovery
  • Départ : Penestin
  • Durée : 3 jours

Pénestin-sur-Mer is a commune located in the Morbihan department et the region of Brittany.

penestin the-mine-d-or-beach trehiguier
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