Tourism in Marrakech

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Marrakech is more than ever a dream destination for travelers even though its old lovers swear today no longer recognize their "Pearl of the South." Victim of its success, the city is the witness of the endless stream of visitors who are moving increasingly towards the brand new hotels built on the outskirts of the city .... Despite, Marrakech is a city disfigured by tourism. Open your eyes and let yourself go by the colors, the smells of Marrakech. Bewitched you return, because many, still, are the charms that reveals this fascinating city!

Go to the main square Jemaa el Fna whose permanent agitation alone is worth the trip. You will discover its colorful souks and noisy listed among the richest, most diverse and most fascinating ever known. Thousand small businesses are everywhere. And tourism, often maligned, has greatly promoted the rediscovery of a flourishing craft industry today.

Marrakech, it is also a fascinating architectural, increasingly stored in the medina, with its magnificent mosques, caravanserais and his former palaces remarkable, but also with its houses, hammams area, which offer the traveler the unforgettable thrill of a spell.

To understand and appreciate Marrakech, we must stay a little. So this imperial city appears as a jewel set in the natural setting that form around the High Atlas mountains.

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Accommodation in Marrakech

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