Tours Clermont-ferrand

A weekend in the discovery Auvergne

During the weekend, we suggest you from the heart of the Auvergne. During two days, you will discover Clermont-Ferrand and Vulcania Park.

Day 1 : Clermont-Ferrand Day 2 : Vulcania

Tour to explore Puy-de-Dôme

The name of the department of Puy-de-Dôme comes from a remarkable volcanic peak. For 6 days, we will explore in this department, including the prefecture is ...

Day 1 : Clermont-Ferrand Day 2 : Vulcania Day 3 : volcano Lemptégy Day 4 : the house Gergovie

Physical activity in the Massif des Monts Dore

For 3 days, we'll meet you in the massif of Mont Dore in the Puy de Dome. You do hiking, climbing, canoeing, horse riding and paragliding.

Day 1 : hiking Jour 2 : canoë Jour 3 : Paragliding

Discover Clermont-Ferrand

Discover Clermont-Ferrand by following the medals embedded in the pavement.

discover-the-old-city-of-clermont-ferrand the-harbour-and-the-saint-pierre-tours discover-the-clermont-ferrand-region

Discover Puy-de-Dôme

The Puy-de-Dôme has plains, mountains, and plateaus. It will surprises you by the richness of its landscapes but also by its roman architectural heritage.

clermont-ferrand-capital-of-the-auvergne saint-saturnin thiers

Discovering Puy-de-Dôme

Discover the city of the Puy-de-Dôme department. Visit the numerous tourist sites.

welcome-to-clermont-ferrand volcanos-and-ancizes-comps-in-auvergne discover-saint-nectaire

Tourism in Clermont-Ferrand

Clermont-Ferrand is very well positioned between Southern Europe and Northern Europe as well as being located only few hours from Paris.

the-romanesque-art museum-of-art-roger-quilliot the-museum-bargoin

Tourist circuit of the massif du Sancy

Anchored in the heart of the natural park of the volcanos of Auvergne, the Sancy and Puy de Sancy, 1886 m, highest point of the Massif Central and the highest volcano in France.

murat-le-quaire-stop-at-scenomusees-depicting-life-in-auvergne la-bourboule-city-water-crossed-by-the-dordogne chastreix-sancy-fountain-valley-salt

Between the volcanoes

If you are dreaming of driving your car or a classic vehicle on the little Auvergne roads and discovering towns, castles and breathtaking landscapes: this escape stay is made for ...

clermont-ferrand between-domes-and-sancy the-couze-valley

Tourism in Châteaugay

Châteaugay is a wine maker village, loomed over by a castle dating from the 14th century and located at the boundaries of the Regional park of Volcanoes and overlooking on ...

the-castel rambling

Tourism in Aydat

Aydat is located in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes area, 20 min from Clermont-Ferrant and Vulcania, which offers amazing landscapes between the imposing Puy-de-Dôme ...

saint-saturnin olloix the-castle-of-saint-saturnin

The Vulcania scientific research centre

Vulcania is a scientific research centre dedicated to volcanism. it is located in the Auvergne volcanoes park, in the heart of the Chain of Puys about 15 km form the centre of ...

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Tourism Clermont-ferrand


Clermont-Ferrand is a city in the centre of France, the capital of the Auvergne region famous for ...

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