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A week-end to discover La Rochelle

For this tour a weekend, we invite you to discover the city of La Rochelle, prefecture of the department of Charente-Maritime.

Day 1 : La Rochelle Day 2 : La Rochelle

Welcome to Châtelaillon-Plage

Châtelaillon-Plage is a french town, located in the department of the Charente-Maritime and the Poitou-Charentes area.

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Welcome to L'Île d'Aix

The Island of Aix is a French island, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, off the coasts of the Charente-Maritime. It is located in the middle of the sluice of Antioche, between the ...

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Visit Fouras

Located at the mouth of Charente, the peninsula of Fouras-les-bains extends on 4 kilometers its five sand beaches end, like its three ports, protected from the strong swells by the ...

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Visit the tourist areas of Charente Maritime

Discover the Charente Maritime with its lovely villages and beautiful nature.

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Discover La Rochelle

All along the history La Rochelle, the rebel shows its differency.

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Visit Charente Maritime

Explore the cities and tourist areas of the department of Charente Maritime.

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Rivedoux-Plageis a french town, located on l' Ile de Ré, in the department of the Charente-Maritime and the area Poitou-Charentes.

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Welcome to the Rochefort country

The Rochefort area is situated in the region of Poitou-Charentes in the Charente-Maritime between La Rochelle and Royan, and will offer you a warm welcome all the year round. A ...

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Tourism Chatelaillon-plage


Châtelaillon-Plage is situated in the department of the Charente-Maritime and the region ...

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Expo in chatelaillon-plage

from 27 May to 02 June

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