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Visit of the town of Langres

True strong-place, Langres preserves its belt of 4 km ramparts, 7 towers, six doors and the Gallo-Roman door. A circuit makes possible to skirt the covered way and to discover a panorama on the surrounding valleys.

Langres is also the birthplace of Denis Diderot the philosopher and encyclopedist and of Jeanne Mance cofondator of Montreal.

Do not miss the Saint-Mammès Cathedral, the old Langres and the Renaissance houses, tower of Navare and of Orval...

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Thermal place overhanging the valley of Apance, the town lives from hydrotherapy since 2000 years.

The quality of thermal springs attracts each year nearly 12 000 curists coming to cure rheumatism, artrose, decalcification, fractures and asthma.

The country is wonderful to pratice activities like hiking, biking or horse riding. Sports and health for a stay of relaxation and discoveries.

In Guyonvelle, awake the wild "Tarzan" in you, for a course in the trees in "Adventure Park".

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Hôtel Résidence du Lac la Mézelle

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Hôtel-club Cosmos

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Visit the Saint-Jean basilica and the Counts de Champagne Dungeon located in the middle of the old town, the vault of the Jesuits (17th century) to discover the private mansions of the 10th and 16th century, the middle-class houses decorated of turtle doves, corbellings sheltering spiral staircases.

See at the doors of the town the viaduct, exceptional stone work of art.

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The castle of Cirey-sur-Blaise


Located in the valley of the Blaise, this private castle in Cirey-sur-Blaise is listed as an Historic Building is famous because Voltaire stayed there a long time.

This unfinished castle in Louis XIII style, extended at the 18th century by Voltaire with a wing, has a splendid carved portal dedicated to arts and sciences.

Visit the dining room, the library, vault, salons, kitchens and the small theatre where Voltaire repeated his plays.

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Hôtel le Dervois

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Auberge de la Plaine

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Visit of the town of Saint-Dizier.

Discover the ramparts promenade, and one of the four cast iron circuits.
The Hector Guimard cast iron "Guimard or l'Art Nouveau in the bragades streets".

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hotel-le-dervois montier-en-der

Hôtel le Dervois

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