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Poissons is a french village, located in the district of Haute-Marne in the Champagne-Ardenne region.

The castle of Poissons


The castle of Poissons hadn't the fame of the castle of Joinville or the  castle of Echenay. It had been only a simple mansion for hunting and harvest seasons.

The former buildings had no character of a fortified castle, with their antique press. The wide vineyard of Pscher (Pechère) belonged to the castle and was alredy planted with pinot variety that gave a subtle and famous wine.
In 1294-1295, the lord Aubert de Poissons called "Civot" that had two sons Aubert and Hugues gave a part of their property to the Abbey of Saint-Urbain.

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The church Saint-Aignan


In 1528, the church Saint-Aignan was rebuilt by Robert of Lenoncourt, first abbot of Saint-Urbain and Archbishop of Reims, on the ruins of the first one erected at the 10th century. The bishop of Toul, Pierre de Brixey gave it to the abbey of Saint-Urbain.

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