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At the margins of the Paris basin and the South of Champagne, stretch a vast mysterious region where water, soil and forest gave birth to a singular territory, product of nature and men.

The house of the park

Piney is the widest commune of the Park. It shelters the landscapes, the fauna and the flora which make the fame of the territory: forests, water birds of the lakes and ponds, wild plants of Champagne? On this territory was rebuilt the House of the Park, in an old farm from typically Champagne architecture, and more precisely the barn and the cattle shed, on a forest piece belonging then to the Hospital of Troyes. Inaugurated on October 29, 1973, the House of the Park is the centre of the management and the animation of the Regional Natural Park of the Forest of the East. Beside this one, a "longère", made of wood, formerly located in Lusigny-on-Barse, was rebuilt.

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Saint-Charles Pavillion

The House Saint-Charles, built in 1840, was an hunting place for the Duke Charles-Emmanuel of Montmorency-Luxembourg. The Duke sold it to Hospices of Troyes with the contiguous forest on February 12, 1853. Initially transformed into a forest house, yielded to the Aude District, then to the town of Troyes, it is now dedicated to the pedagogy of natural environment.

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