The 7 islands

TopicSciences and discovery
DepartureLOCQUIREC (29)

One day near Perros-Guirec

The 7 islands

- Departure to Perros-Guirec at 9:30.
- Appointment: Locquirec market.
- Arrived in Perros-Guirec around 10:30, foot tour the island Renote (count one hour).
- Lunch in a pancake house.
- Boarding at 1:45 p.m, at the port of Perros-Guirec for a cruise aboard a speedboat to the island to the monks (cruise duration 2:30)
- On the island the monks.
Discovery of the powder house, the lighthouse who has a range of 40 kilometers, the fort and former monastery. Lovely view of Ploumanac'h, and his pink rocks.
Snack prepared by Mr. Fleuriot with cake and hot drink.
- Cruise end around 16:30, tour of Perros-Guirec with bus, a small town built on a hill overlooking the sea.
- Then back to Locquirec.
Price:     62 euros per person
             This price includes round trip instead of Locquirec, bus tour, travel directions, lunch
             at the pancake house (excluding drinks), the cruise, the snack.
The circuit is valid from 8 participants. For more information, contact us at

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