The dukes of brittany cruise

TopicSciences and discovery
DepartureNORT-SUR-ERDRE (44)

Enjoy a week cruising on the River Erdre, one of the most beautiful rivers in France, the peaceful River Vilaine and the Canal de Nantes à Brest. Visit the château at Blain and sample some crisp cider in the cider factory at Guenroüet, where you can also play mini golf or tennis. Visit the beautiful city of Nantes.

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Stop in Sucé-sur-Erdre

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A beautiful and peaceful little town on the river Erdre, pretty sidewalk cafes and restaurants. There are lovely walks along the river, bike trails, canoeing and kayaking in July and August

What to see / visit Sucé-sur-Erdre:

  • The tower is the tallest Gaillard remains of a temple built by Protestants in 1562.
  • The bread oven
  • The mill
  • Ganuchaud Park, with 55 kinds of trees and plants

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Hôtel du Parc

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Stop in Blain

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Blain has a rich historical heritage. Explore the castle of Groulais the 12th century, it was one of the most important fortresses in Brittany. It now houses a center for art exhibition and a former printing factory.

What to see / visit in Blain:

  •  The castle of Blain, a medieval fortress built in 1104 by the Duke of Brittany Alain IV Fergent
  • The city center

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Hôtel du Parc

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Beaujoire Hôtel Restaurant

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Stop in Guenrouët

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The leisure park "St. Clair" invites you to enjoy many activities: pool with waterslide outdoor, pedal boats, canoes and kayaks, picnic areas, a mini-pitch golf. The village shops are only 200 meters.

What to see / visit Guenrouët:

  • The peaceful and relaxing natural setting of the village
  • The beautiful church of Saint Hermeland in the village, with its attractive stained glass
  • The leisure park "St. Clair"

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Stop in La Roche-Bernard / Marzan

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A pleasant place to dock with a picnic area, playground, walking trails. The city is worth visiting. There is an important historic seaport, which is still a center of thriving yachting and today its streets are full of little shops and places to eat.

What to see / visit in La Roche-Bernard and Marzan:

  • The Maritime Museum of the Vilaine in the Château des Basses Fosses
  • The Museum of bees
  • The tours around the city will give you a glimpse into the life and history of the town
  • Chapel of Notre-Dame in La Roche-Bernard
  • Church of Saint-Pierre
  • Chapel of St. Vincent Ferrer
  • Chapelle Saint-Symphorien

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Stop in Redon

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REDON the old port area: You'll fall in love with this old port with its bridges, alleys and its locks.

Take a walk along the river Vilaine to the Château du Mail and the Tower of Richelieu on the old wharf lined with elegant 18th century mansions formerly owned by ship owners and where the ground floor were used for storing their goods. On the way back, do not miss the 17th century three warehouses and arriving in the city center, the beautiful view of the bridge where the canal from Nantes to Brest flows into the River Vilaine.

What to see / visit in Redon:

  • Château du Mail
  • Tour of Richelieu
  • The old port
  • The ancient Abbey of St. Sauveur founded in 832 by the monk Conwoion. One of the main monasteries in Brittany, due to its strategic position on the confluence of the rivers Vilaine and Oust and thus contributes to the development of the city.


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Stop in La Gacilly

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By early May, The Gacilly is flowery with a beautiful rainbow of color and flowers in the streets and bridges of the city. More than 30 artisans workshops offer high quality gifts and decorative items in wood, glass, ceramic, fabric, leather, metal, dried flowers, candles, soaps, paintings, jewelry. The city is also home to the famous Yves Rocher factory.

What to see / visit in La Gacilly:

  • The Yves Rocher complex includes the production site, a beauty center, botanical gardens with over 1000 species, an exhibition of the history of the company and the Végétarium , which is a museum dedicated plants.
  • Meet the many artisans who have chosen this village to work and exhibit their products.
  • The tourist office also organizes excursions around the city and beyond.

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Stop in Messac

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The city is home to interesting local churches and has some beautiful places in the country, which proved perfect for a walk and discover the natural beauty of the region. Today the city is classified as "green tourist station 'thanks to its excellent tourist and sporting facilities. Train station in Messac, facilitates access to the city and offers the opportunity to explore the rest of the region.

What to see / visit in Messac:

  • The churches of the city
  • The temple of Coëfferie, chapel of a Commandery of Knights Templar was built in 1217.
  • The Port, reported in the eleventh century, is the ancient port city of Rennes
  • The Castle of Boeuvres was probably built for Francis Huart in the early seventeenth century, but it was burnt down during the Revolution. Restoration and redesign in 1900.
  • The Castle of Hardaz
  • The Castle of Pommeraie, formerly named Coascon-Bardoul, built in the first half of the seventeenth century. It subsise a house, a dovecote and a chapel.
  • The Castle of Vautenet the sixteenth century. with a chapel of the seventeenth century. Former seat of a high court.
  • Watermill of Raulin.
  • Windmill of Corméré.
  • Windmill of Bodel

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